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7 tricks for a good night’s sleep

Here are some ultra simple tricks to help you get to sleep, and stay asleep. If they don’t work you may need to consider some deeper investigation into why your sleep is disrupted. Sleep can be affected by digestive inflammation, detoxification issues, hormone imbalances and nutrient imbalances, but these 7 simple tricks may be all…

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Hp bacteria in stomach

How stomach infections cause depression

Western medicine chops your body up into compartments and views them separately. We view your body as a masterpiece in which each compartment is integrated with the others. As such, a ‘problem’ in one part of your body can lead to symptoms in other parts. This is how a stomach infection can cause depression (and…

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How perception affects your health

How you perceive yourself, your environment and the interaction between the two has a profound impact on how your body works. Changing your perception can have an immediate (and I do mean immediate) impact on your symptoms. Let me explain… Imagine you’re sitting in a seminar with 50 other people feeling really bored because the…

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Testing your genetic mutations

Diseases like Down’s syndrome and cystic fibrosis are true genetic disorders that can’t be altered. More subtle genetic disorders like haemochromatosis (excess iron absorption and storage) are also true genetic disorders that you may not realize you have until much later in life when symptoms develop. With something like haemochromatosis, you can do something about…

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Beautiful Young Woman Portrait over white background

Case Study – Mel R

How Mel overcame 10 symptoms in a few short months “I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found your program online.   I had come across much of the information in various places on the Internet, but couldn’t make sense or practical use of it. But your system laid it all out…

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