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How 84-year old Darshan skyrocketed his energy level in just FOUR short weeks

Manmeet, the daughter of an 84-year old gentleman named Darshan contacted me with some worrying information about her dad’s energy level. One Sunday afternoon, following a family meal, the family was about to walk back to their car when Darshan said, “I can’t get to the car – I’m sorry – I am too tired…

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Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA)

Hair mineral testing is very inexpensive and can be very helpful when used alongside other data. A hair test can provide information on: Nutrient mineral levels (calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and so on) The zinc to copper ratio, which is critically important for people with mood, cognitive and psychological symptoms Heavy metal excretion (lead, mercury,…

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Organic acids testing

This is a urine test and it’s one of the most powerful and informative tests I know of in defining what’s going on with your metabolism. You just pee in clean pot first thing in the morning, pipette some urine into a test tube and send it to the lab for analysis. Depending on the…

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