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How Alcario overcame 20 different symptoms

Alcario’s story is an inspiring one, to say the least. By focusing on his health, he was able to overcome nineteen different symptoms in a relatively short space of time. At the end of his program, Alcario wrote telling us that: “Compared to when we started to this present moment, I feel amazing. Great energy, I…

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Don’t let genetic iron overload creep up on you

My favourite superhero is Robert Downey Jnr’s Ironman / Tony Stark in the Marvel comic book series. But too much iron isn’t such a great thing for humans. You’re about to learn why too much iron can be a very bad thing. Based on events this week I wanted to make sure you’re aware of…

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Why I hate the gluten-free diet fad

It’s sad to see that the gluten free diet has reached ‘fad’ status because it’s undermining the real dangers of gluten consumption and the true benefits of a gluten-free diet. In genetically susceptible people, gluten can trigger an autoimmune response in the gut called coeliac disease, which is a serious condition. Coeliac disease can severely…

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