How 76 year-old Bob overcame 10 years of worrying symptoms

When 76-year old Bob contacted us from New Jersey, he was struggling with a variety of nagging symptoms that were reducing his quality of life and causing concern in regard to his future.

He’d been experiencing symptoms for many years, and had just been told he was “getting old.” We felt functional medicine could help because growing older is not a reason to develop symptoms and have a lower quality of life.

Here’s what Bob had to say after working with Jack, my consulting partner, for 8 months,

“Jack gave me the power to be confident about my health.  Now all that he taught me is part of my life.” – Bob B, New Jersey.”

Bob’s initial symptoms

Bob was struggling with:

  • Gastritis (stomach inflammation)
  • Sharp abdominal pains
  • Gas
  • Excessive burping
  • Bloating
  • Lower back pain
  • Athlete’s foot for last 14 years.
  • Night leg cramps
  • Anxiety
  • Tension headaches
  • Sleep disturbances, waking 2-3x per night.
  • Cravings for sweet food

Way back 1958, Bob has been diagnosed with a parasite called Toxoplasma and had been taking medications ever since for glaucoma (eye problems).

It had been over a decade since he had been in good health and this was when his initial digestive symptoms started.

We let some simple functional medicine tests help us uncover why Bob’s health wasn’t at an optimal level.

Bob’s initial home stool test results

Bob’s initial stool test showed he was playing host to a number of ‘bad bugs’, including:

  • E. coli
  • Serratia marcencens
  • Candida overgrowth

You can see snippets of his test result here:

In addition to these ‘bad bugs’, Bob’s H. pylori level was borderline, and we took this as probable ‘positive’ result.

His stool sample also showed that he was not digesting food very well, and this was reflected in low nutrient levels, especially vitamin D, which his doctor had tested.

How we helped Bob restore his wellness

Bob worked with one of my clinicians, Jack Walton for just under eight months (there was no magic bullet).

Initially, he improved his nutrition by removing troublesome foods such gluten, cow’s milk and soy and replacing them with healthier alternatives.

He also worked on specific strategies to help him optimize his sleep and hydration such as time to bed, keeping his feet warm and making sure the room was pitch black.

Bob worked diligently on specific herbal protocols to remove the ‘bad bugs’ detected in his stool test and to support his ability to digest food and repair his intestinal lining.

Jack held Bob’s hand through the process of gently detoxifying his liver, gut and urinary tract using very specific nutritional supplement protocols.

It wasn’t long before Bob’s health began to improve steadily, and by the end of his eight months working with Jack, he had:

  • Reduced his supplement intake by 50%, saving a lot of money
  • Completely resolved his sharp stomach pains and gastritis (within the first 30-days)
  • Completely resolved his excess gas.
  • Completely resolved his belching.
  • Completely alleviated his bloating.
  • Completely overcome his back.
  • Completely resolved his athlete’s foot after 14 years
  • Resolved his leg cramps within three weeks.
  • Reduced his anxiety.
  • Resolved his tension headaches.
  • Improved his sleep so he was only waking once per night rather than 2-3 times.
  • Controlled his sweet cravings.

As you can imagine, Bob was pretty pleased with his progress and outcomes.

This is what his improvement meant to him, in his own words:

“About a year ago, I was again searching for relief of digestive symptoms that had overtaken my life.  I just didn’t feel well and had a strong desire to feel better.  

I was searching for relief of a variety of problems, that is, gastritis, gas, bloating, excessive burping, abdominal and low back pain, sleep disturbances, sweet cravings, etc.  

I was always trying to figure out what it was I ate or didn’t eat that was making me feel so poorly or could I find a supplement or supplements that would solve these issues.  

Could there be a link to all of these symptoms?  

While I could find lots of information on the Internet, I didn’t know if it was correct for me or how to use any information to my benefit.  

After much frustration and investigation, I finally found and further investigated the Hompes Method.  After reading and studying this material, I believed that this method could help, and it did!

However, the key to my success with the Hompes Method to try to attain a healthy digestive system was only due to being paired with Jack Walton whose personal guidance enabled me to reach my goals.  Jack is an intelligent, competent, nonjudgmental and caring professional.  I owe my success to his ability to take me through what I needed to do.

How did this happen?  The Hompes Method provides many videos, supplemental information, and a myriad of resources in easy to understand formats and they use the Olympic Rings analogy to explain that all areas of the body and these symptoms are linked, and that they are the result of too much “bad” stuff and not enough “good” stuff being in the body.  Jack carefully explained all of this, and after a health history, he thought my vicious cycle could be reversed.

First he tested (stool and lab).  Based on this labwork, symptoms, and history, as well as using ongoing support from online sources, he followed a week by week strategy to optimize my nutrition, to provide anti-microbial, anti-fungal and stomach cleanses, and to support liver, digestion and hormones, to take biomeasures for cellular metabolism and to utilize a food diary with specific guidelines just for me.  Everything Jack provided to help solve my digestion symptoms was beneficial because Jack is an extremely patient and skillful practitioner.

The ultimate goal was to equip me with skills to tune in and adapt my diet towards my changing needs, and to enable me to monitor as well as implement these many, many strategies.  Goal met! Jack gave me the power to be confident about my health.  Now all that he taught me is part of my life.

I would like to thank Jack for walking me through this program, not only for all the things he did for my digestive health, but also for all the things that “popped up” during our time together.  I sincerely appreciate his time, expertise, compassion, kindness, and care. I also plan on checking in with him in the future.  I am most grateful for all Jack did for my health and for me.”

I believe you can be the next success story

Bob was 76 years old when he began his journey back to wellness and he is by no means the oldest client we’ve helped.

We believe that age and ageing should never interfere with, or block, a feeling of vitality and wellness.

No matter what your doctor has told you about your symptoms, I know we can help as long as you’re prepared to take the necessary action steps to rejuvenate your body.

We’ll hold your hand through a step-by-step process of finding out why you’re not feeling yourself, starting with a stool test.

We’ll then gently walking you through a process of changing your habits and getting you back to ship-shape condition.

Don’t make the mistakes I made when I was feeling ill – take the plunge and get a stool test done.

You do it at home – there’s no embarrassing clinic visit, and you just mail the sample to the lab in the packaging provided.

It couldn’t be simpler.

You have nothing to lose because if the test comes back blank and we don’t find out why you’re feeling under the weather, I’ll refund every penny.

You can learn more about a home stool test, or order one, here.

Alternatively, click here to learn about a case review and consultation without the stool test.

Let’s take your wellness back, starting now!



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