Option 3 – Comprehensive Home Stool Test


Case Review &
Initial Consultation With
Comprehensive Home Stool Test

Who is this for?

Abdominal CrampsThis service is a perfect starting point for you if you’re struggling with health challenges connected to your digestive system.

It’s a great option if you have heartburn, reflux, excess belching and wind, bloating, abdominal pain, digestive cramps, constipation, diarrhoea or IBS.

These symptoms are often coupled with fatigue, mood, skin, headaches and chronic pain. Fixing your digestion can bring great improvements to these complaints.

What are the benefits of a comprehensive stool test?

Abdominal CrampsA stool test will show you what’s lurking in your tummy that shouldn’t be there, as well as your ability to digest food.

You’ll also see if you’re gluten sensitive, how strong your immune system is and whether you have healthy levels of friendly bacteria in your gut.

Private labs specialising in digestive testing frequently find issues in your gut that are missed in standard medical tests because they just don’t look for the right stuff.

What the Comprehensive Stool Test Identifies

  • H. pylori as well as virulence strains CagA and VacA
  • Nasty bacteria such as difficile, Salmonella and E. coli
  • Fungal overgrowth such as Candida
  • Parasites like Giardia, Blastocystis hominis and Cryptosporidium
  • Opportunistic bacteria that trigger inflammation – Citrobacter, Streptococcus and Klebsiella, for example
  • Friendly bacteria levels – Lactobacillus, Bifidobacter and others
  • Pancreatic enzymes – your ability to digest food properly
  • Inflammation markers
  • Digestive immune function (ability to keep bad bugs out of your gut)
  • Gluten sensitivity

Digestive SystemDigestive System

Your digestive system is linked to all other systems in your body and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Poor digestive function is linked to serious chronic illness, including chronic fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, infertility, cardiovascular disease, depression, fibromyalgia and many others.

In my opinion, ongoing digestive symptoms should be investigated and addressed right away for the benefit of your entire body.

The testing and consult process explained by video

Please watch this short video to see exactly how the consulting process works:

Functional Stool Test

What you’ll walk away with after your
case review and consultation

At the end of your case review and consultation you will have:

  • A clear understanding of the factors likely to be causing your symptoms.
  • A comprehensive stool test report with fifty-five markers highlighting priority areas to work on.
  • A set of simple recommendations focusing on how to modify your diet and lifestyle to initiate improvement in your symptoms.
  • A set of recommendations explaining additional lab tests we feel may help uncover hidden reasons for your symptoms and accelerate your progress.
  • A roadmap of action steps that we feel will be of benefit over a 3-6 month period to optimise your results.
  • An outline of how we can support you during this time, holding your hand to ensure you reach your goals.
  • Peace of mind – a vastly reduced level of confusion and frustration!

A quick summary of your 7-step case review
and comprehensive stool test process:

  1. Order your stool test, case review and consultation package.
  2. Complete your online forms along with your 3-day food diary and return them to us.
  3. Receive your wellness graph to highlight priority body systems that are in need of attention.
  4. Receive your stool testing kit in the post, complete it and return to the lab (please note that due to our international client base we do NOT cover the return postage of your test kit).
  5. Arrange the 60min consultation once your stool test results are returned (in person or via Skype; results usually take 2-3 weeks).
  6. After your consultation, receive your personalized ‘big bang’ nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you immediately build some momentum.
  7. Receive your personalised roadmap for success in optimising your digestive health along with recommendations on additional functional testing that may be of benefit.

100% Risk Free

We believe in providing the highest possible level of service and making sure you enjoy your experience with us.

Unlike most other clinics and clinicians, we keep ourselves honest by making sure your case review and consultation is a risk-free proposition.

If you are dissatisfied with the level of service you receive, we’ll refund every penny of your package fee.

Buy Now: £595.00

What does your fee cover?

  • Our analysis of your health history and symptom paperwork
  • Our analysis of your food diary
  • Analysis of your biomeasures (temperature, pulse, etc.)
  • Your stool test kit and laboratory costs and outbound shipping
  • Our analysis of your stool test results
  • Your 60min consultation
  • Written recommendations by email

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to complete the online forms? - ANSWER

I typically recommend you set an hour aside to complete the forms, which may seem like a bit of a chore.

You may ask why the forms are so detailed, and rightly so.

It’s simply to make sure I collect as much information as I can on which to base my recommendations.

Many of our clients have expressed frustration at the lack of time and care given to them by doctors and other clinicians or practitioners.

I aim to conduct a thorough and caring assessment of your situation so I can best assist you in reaching your goals and aspirations.

Additionally, the more information I glean from you, the more accurately I can assess which laboratory tests are best suited for you.

Q: Which lab tests will you recommend? - ANSWER

You and I have at our disposal an eclectic mix – a whole gamut, in fact – of extremely powerful lab tests that medics are typically unfamiliar with.

These tests are not meant to diagnose disease; rather they are designed to find important physiologic and metabolic imbalances.

Where possible I like you to run a standard blood test with your physician as part of the case review process, as it’s incredibly helpful.

I interpret your blood work in more detail than your doctor is likely to do, which helps me gain insight into some of the factors that may be causing your symptoms.

Click here to see a pop up video of Anna’s blood work, which gives enormous clues about her low energy level despite her doctor glossing over them.

If your doctor is unwilling to run a blood test for you, we can refer you to a lab for this purpose.

Additional lab tests I typically run include:

  • Stool testing for digestive imbalances
  • Urine / swab tests for microbial balances in skin and in the urinary tract
  • Organic acids testing for metabolic and digestive imbalances
  • Hormone testing for adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone imbalances
  • Blood, urine and hair testing for heavy metal toxicity
  • Genetic testing for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, or ‘snips’)
  • Additional testing for methylation status, glutathione, oxidative stress, vitamin and nutrient levels

You will not require all these tests – most people only need 2-3, if that.

I don’t know which tests will best suit you until we have done a case review and initial consultation.

Of course, if you’d like to run all the tests in order to get the full picture, we can do this for you no problem at all.

Conversely, we may agree that testing isn’t needed at all in your case.

Q: What do the lab tests involve? - ANSWER

You can order your lab tests from us, or direct from the lab or distributor.

While a small administration fee applies if you order from us, most of our clients find it easier to deal with one focal point (my office) than several separate companies.

The majority of your tests can be done at home as they require stool, urine, saliva or hair samples.

You simply receive the test kit, provide the sample, and return it to the lab in the packaging provided.

It’s very discrete, private and convenient.

If we agree that a blood test of some kind is likely to be of benefit, we provide full instructions on where and how to do this as you will need a blood draw.

Q: What do the lab tests cost? - ANSWER

Your investment for the different lab tests varies, with costs ranging from £60.00 to £395.00.

I realize this may seem like a lot of money, and it’s certainly a big commitment.

The private labs we use are specialists in their field – the testing offered is cutting-edge and you cannot get the same level of testing from a standard medical clinic or lab.

I do not ‘over-test’ people for the sake of it (and I am highly irritated by clinicians who do), and I will put your testing regimen together only after thorough discussion with you.

I use the lab work to make sure I don’t waste your time and money on making recommendations that won’t work, or worse, might make you feel worse.

For your comfort, confidence and safety, it’s of paramount importance that we work under the ‘first do no harm’ principle at all times.

Q: How does the ongoing support process work? - ANSWER

I wish I could answer this question but it really does depend on your unique situation, needs and goals.

I have worked with clients who overcame decades of symptoms in just a few short weeks.

I also have clients with whom I’ve been working six months to a year, who are making much steadier progress.

Until I know more about you via the case review process, I’m reticent to make suggestions as I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations.

There are a number of options regarding ongoing support, including:

  • More of a ‘self-help’ approach:
    • Following the programs in my books.
    • Following an online program that drip feeds your action steps on a weekly basis.
  • More of a ‘hand-held’ approach:
    • Engaging in regular support consultations and receiving unreserved one-to-one guidance.
    • Engaging in support consultations with one of my highly skilled and appropriately trained practitioners.

What I will say is that I’m not a fan of the “Here’s your supplement programme – come back and see me in three months” approach.

I feel this approach is too common in the nutrition world and really don’t feel it provides enough guidance for you.

I much prefer to have an open, ongoing support process to enable troubleshooting and ironing out of any challenges and problems as we go.

Typically, I recommend a 90-day to six-month support package, depending on severity of symptoms.

Let’s discuss your unique needs during your initial consultation.

Q: How long will it take to see or feel changes? - ANSWER

I don’t know, and anyone who claims they do is not being honest.

I joke that if I had a crystal ball to answer this question, I’d be consulting you from my 110ft super yacht in Monaco.

Of course, this isn’t the case; while I have a lot of answers, and a lot of ways to help you get more answers, I can’t predict with precise accuracy how long it will take for you to achieve your goals.

Typically, people feel better after 30-days and much better after 90-days, but there are exceptions.

A general guideline you can follow is this:

For every year you’ve felt unwell, it will take a month to resolve; so if you’ve felt under par for 10 years, it may take up to 10 months before you are in tip top condition again.

It’s perhaps easier for me to illustrate my point using some case studies:

  • Maggie was 75 when she contacted me; she’d had digestive symptoms for 70 of those years, yet was able to completely overcome them in 3 months.
  • Don was 72 and for 30 years or more had struggled with stomach pain and sciatica. They both melted away in 48 hours just by cutting gluten from his diet.
  • Jatinder – in his thirties – has enjoyed an 80% recovery from a whole cluster of symptoms, but after a year, he still has some niggling heartburn and it’s not clear why.

Please also remember (pretty please!) that your results are dependent not on your lab test results or even my advice, but on your commitment to apply the recommendations.

If you don’t apply the information, I can’t guarantee you’ll make any progress.

Knowledge isn’t power – applied knowledge is power.

Q: Will I recommend supplements? - ANSWER

The majority of my clients take supplements to rebalance lab test findings.

Supplements are incredibly helpful when used correctly and in the right context, but they’re often a waste of money if used ad hoc.

The beauty of using lab testing is that it helps laser-in on specific supplements that are right for you, whilst also guiding us on the most appropriate dosages.

I never over-medicate with supplements and endeavor to use the smallest number and quantity of supplements possible to get the job done.

A typical monthly supplement bill will be £100-150 per month, but some people need less and some none at all.

Q: Will I refer you to other practitioners? - ANSWER

As you know if you have read about my philosophy and approach to wellness, I use a triangle analogy.

At each point of the triangle are, respectively:

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual balance
  • Structural and mechanical balance
  • Biochemical balance

Each of these three points on the triangle affects the others – there is a two-way relationship between each of the triangle’s points.

My primary focus with functional medicine is on your biochemical balance – nutrition, toxins, hormones, microbes and so on.

I also work with clients on mental, emotional and spiritual balance using various processes, including The Demartini Method (Dr. John F. Demartini).

I don’t work on structural and mechanical aspects of your wellness, but I recognize how important it can be to address his angle.

For example, my client Pauline was struggling with sleep at night due to the constant urge to pee.

Visceral osteopath, Teddy, found that she had a prolapsed bladder, which he corrected using a gentle manipulation.

Thereafter, Pauline’s ability to sleep through the night was dramatically improved, as she no longer needed to pee all the time.

Without Teddy’s intervention, I couldn’t have solved this symptom for Pauline using my knowledge and skills.

Likewise, other clients have found significant relief from seemingly unrelated symptoms by having gallbladder and diaphragm manipulations or spinal adjustments.

I will always refer you to other practitioners if and when I feel it’s warranted, and always.

Your outcome and positive results, not our egos, are most important to us.

Q: Why should you trust me? - ANSWER

Because there is so much information out there on the Internet, and because I am not a physician, I don’t expect anyone to trust me without asking ‘why?’

To help ease any worries or concerns you may have about working with me I developed the ‘Trust Triangle”.

The points on this triangle represent:

  1. Common sense
  2. Scientific validation
  3. Clinical proof

The recommendations I make when working with you are subject to all three of these points:

Much of what I teach and recommend is just common sense, which has sadly escaped western medicine for the most part.

Your lab test results, and nearly all the recommendations provide objective, scientific data on which to base your programme.

My recommendations are evidence-based and you are very welcome to request research articles or books at any time.

Finally I have dozens of testimonials to show that what we do works, as well more than 50 simple case studies that you can read (just ask).

It’s my hope that these three cornerstones of the Trust Triangle help you feel confident about our ability to assist you safely and effectively.