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Welcome to the Hompes Method Training Curriculum

The curriculum offers cutting edge, affordable clinical mentoring membership to take your expertise, skills and practice to a level beyond the typical industry standard.

In this unique approach, functional nutrition, functional medicine and nutrigenomics are combined with human behaviour, health psychology and business acumen to ensure optimal outcomes for both your clients and your business.

My Mission

My personal mission is to provide an affordable evidence-based and clinically proven functional medicine training system that enables practitioners to feel confident in delivering high level programmes for clients, while accelerating personal and business growth through enhanced understanding and application of wellness psychology, communication and business acumen.

Why I Created the Curriculum

Dave HompesPlato opened the world’s first academy in 387 BC. He said there is no telling where the light of talent or genius will break out and that we must seek it impartially everywhere, in every rank and race. The first turn on our road is universal education. Plato wanted education for everyone.

The spiraling cost of clinical nutrition and functional medicine training, along with the length of time it takes to get “qualified” means many talented practitioners can’t get started. We can only speculate how much genius fails to blossom as a result of these barriers.

Our trainings dissolve the financial barriers to your success while infusing important and life-changing additional training in human behavior, health psychology and business acumen.

My goal is to help you become the best possible practitioner you can be. I want you to influence an ever-growing number of people while receiving an ever-greater fulfillment and rewards for your efforts in all areas of life.

The Curriculum is taught in Three Distinct Levels

Each level is built on the foundation of the previous one:

Level One


80/20 Nutrition & Lifestyle Programming (3-6 months)

  • Hompes Method philosophy
  • Deep nutrition theory
  • Practical & clinical application
  • Critique of popular nutrition approaches
  • Stress minimisation through nutrition & lifestyle
  • Perception, values and purpose in creating wellness
  • Communication, client support, marketing and sales
  • Assessment and certification

Level Two


Beyond Functional Medicine (7-10 months)

  • Functional blood chemistry analysis
  • Digestive theory & functional testing
  • Detoxification theory & functional testing
  • Hormone system theory and functional testing
  • Emotional imbalances and specific symptoms
  • Thorough practical and clinical application
  • Client communication, support, marketing and sales
  • Assessment and certification

Level Three


Nutrigenomics, Detoxification and Anti-Aging (12 Months)

  • Pros and cons of genomic testing
  • Detailed genomic report interpretation
  • Correlating genomics with functional biochemistry
  • Stress, emotions and epigenetics
  • Advanced detoxification theory (heavy metals)
  • Client communication, support, marketing and sales
  • Thorough practical and clinical application
  • Assessment and certification

The Curriculum is an “All-in-One” Experience

The main aim and priority of the training curriculum is to provide you with coaching system that enables you to confidently deliver life-changing Nutrition and Lifestyle (Level I), Functional Medicine (level II) and personalized Nutrigenomic, Detoxification and Anti-Aging programmes (level III).

But in a competitive market, learning these skills and techniques is not enough to differentiate your work from the rest. I also want to teach you how to succeed in business and gain enormous personal fulfillment in the process. We will also cover:

  • Why humans make decisions, as this shapes your marketing, communication skills and client compliance;
  • The impact of emotional stress and how to reduce it, as this affects both your behavior and your client outcomes;
  • How a person’s philosophy on life either contributes to illness and wellness, and how to help them change;
  • How to structure and develop a business that is aligned with your highest values, as this will create resilience and stability in your business, enabling you to get the most out of it.

This curriculum includes training in human behavior, wellness psychology, stress, basic philosophy and psychology, business acumen and marketing.

As such, it is not just another nutrition or functional medicine approach. It is a life-changing experience. Your perception of nutrition, medicine, business, money and life in general will be challenged and transformed in ways you cannot imagine.

On completion, you will have developed the skills requires to make a huge difference in the world. You will possess skills that very few other practitioners ever have, and you will have learned principles of life and success from some of the greatest teachers who have lived, ranging from Pythagoras to Einstein.

Human Behaviour and Wellness Psychology

The difference between health and disease or wellness and illness is often mindset. We will deeply explore mindset and what I call ‘Wellness Psychology’ to enable you to choose appropriate clients, effectively market your services, enhance communication skills and troubleshoot problems.

The Missing Link: Human Behaviour

A Closer Look at the Curriculum

Please see the FAQ section, below, to learn about how these courses are delivered. Make sure you sign up for free lessons, advanced coaching tips, and launch/pricing details.

Level I

80/20 Nutrition & Lifestyle Programming (3-6 months)

The primary purpose of this course is to teach an evidence-based and clinically proven functional nutrition coaching system to help your clients establish a foundation for optimum wellness.

Core Nutrition & Lifestyle Programming
Human Behaviour & Psychology Basics
Business Acumen & Personal Development
The 3 main purposes of foodHuman values and purposeNutrition industry – illusions and delusions
The 7 key foods to avoid or minimiseInfatuation and resentment cyclesSetting your expectations
Controversial foodsBelief systems and personal philosophyChoosing the right clients
Complete macronutrient list & functionsWhy some clients won’t listen to youRed flags and when to say “no”
Fine-tuning macronutrient ratiosSelf righteous and self “wrongeous” clientsStructuring/prioritising your programmes
Complete micronutrient list & functionsWhy people make decisions about healthPresenting your programmes
Advanced hydration strategiesWhat stops people taking actionCommunicate with clients at their level
Assessing and correcting blood sugarPsychological blocks to client successClient management
Metabolic hormonesIntroduction to emotional & spiritual stressMaximising client support without burnout
Food allergies, sensitivities and testingHow and why habits are establishedNiche market vs. general market
Oxalates, histamine, tyramine, lectinsHow to break bad habitsKey marketing and sales principles
Importance of eating habitsPerceptions around health and moneyMarketing strategy – online & offline
Establishing morning and evening routinesHow to not judge your clientsAnatomy of a great website
Importance of sleep and how to optimize itEstablishing your own wellness mindsetBusiness development strategies
Using food to improve sleepCase studiesIdeas for scaling your business
Benefits of intermittent fastingBasic introduction to universal lawsBasic financial management strategies
Homemade remediesLaw of cause and effect / compensationAsking for help
Critique of 7 major diet approachesLaw of analogyLegalities – what you can and can’t claim
How light affects healthLaw of oppositesDisclaimers – informing clients what you do
How to optimize light exposureLaw of the one and manyRecord keeping
Assessing food journals and intake formsHow the laws apply to health and wellness My heart on sleeve business disasters
Programme and educational templatesLearn from all my mistakes
Case studiesThe Dave Hompes basic reading list
Introduction to digestive function
Introduction to detoxification functionCertification

Level II

Functional Medicine Testing & Programming (7-10 months)

The primary purpose of this course is to deliver an evidence-based and clinically proven functional medicine testing, programme design and coaching system so you can help clients find and correct the root cause of their symptoms.

Functional Medicine Testing
Human Behaviour & Mindset
Business Acumen & Personal Development
Understand digestive functionExpansion of level I content, plus…The functional medicine industry
Understand detoxification functionSecondary gain and benefits of illnessBiggest problems with the industry
Understand endocrine/hormone functionGetting clients to take responsibilityDefining your target market
Understand immune functionSetting realistic expectations with clientsBeing honest about your scope of practice
Medical vs. functional testsBenefits/drawbacks functional medicineChoosing appropriate clients
Why both forms are needed (case studies)Benefits/drawbacks conventional medicineKeeping your business simple/profitable
Advanced intake process and assessmentDetailed discussion: stress and healthHow to promote and market yourself
Prioritising testing for different clientsImportance of gratitude and ingratitudeHow to make yourself unique in the market
Stool testing (different labs pros and cons)How to turn stress into gratitudeHow to sell functional lab tests
Organic acids testing (different labs)Practical exercises for balancing stressHow to develop confidence in your work
Why most people’s blood tests are “normal”Reducing your own stress levelsKnowing your strengths and weaknesses
Functional blood chemistry analysisMindset differences men vs. womenPlaying to your strengths and delegating
Adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone testingAvoiding supplement dependencyStreamlining your business processes
Kryptopyrrole testingUtilising the entire triad of healthManaging yourself (you can’t manage time)
Zinc/copper balanceMany simple and practical exercisesWhen to hire staff
Hair mineral analysisCase studiesAdvanced financial management strategy
Amino acid and fatty acid testsHow to work with medical doctors
Micronutrient testsDisclaimers and legal issues
Detailed lab interpretation & prog. designInsurance
Pattern analysisLearn from all my mistakes (some big ones)
Protocol structure and designGuaranteed registration with laboratories
More than 50 pre-written supp. protocolsThe Dave Hompes advanced reading list
Different nutrient delivery methods
Myriad of case studiesCertification

Level III

Genomics, Detoxification & Anti-Aging (12 Months)

The primary purpose of this programme is to help you understand how to create personalized wellness, detoxification and anti-aging plans based on genetic testing and toxic burden assessments; we also cover the role of mind in genetic expression, detoxification and anti-aging.

Nutrigenomics & Detoxification
Human Behaviour & Mindset
Business Acumen & Personal Development
Principles of methylationExpanding your awareness of health Earn the right to riches
Methylation and folate cyclesThe great universal laws & Hermetic axiomCreating your legacy
Neurotransmitter balanceMeaning of “As above, so below”Time and space horizons for your business
Nitric oxide balanceHow the laws affect health and wellnessCreating a long-term business plan
How to assess methylation statusLaw of cause & effect (Karma)Creating an online coaching business
Histamine & homocysteine testingLaw of complimentary oppositesExpanding your offerings for greater profit
How to assess client’s geneticsQuantum entanglementJoint ventures and affiliate programs
Range of labs and methodsLaw of eristic escalationPublic speaking to grow your business
The role of each gene and enzymeLaw of analogyHarnessing the power of webinars
Gene/enzyme nutritional cofactorsHow to heal at the quantum levelDeveloping multiple income streams
Reducing gene/enzyme inhibitorsGreatest minds and advances in medicineAsking for referrals
Correlate gene tests with functional testsBrief history of philosophyMaximising your business profit
Protocol design using single nutrientsBrief history of psychology Record keeping
Mold toxicityBrief history of scienceKnowing when to refer out
How to test heavy metal toxicityWhy it’s unwise to rely on science for infoDisclaimers and legal issues
Blood, hair and urine testsHow religious beliefs affect health Further education
Advanced detoxification strategiesAnimal mind vs. human mind (Freud/Jung)The Dave Hompes expanded reading list
Enemas, colonics, liver flushes, etc.Passion & motivation vs. true inspiration
Saunas, light therapySoul-guided intuitionCertification
Structuring protocols for complex clientsHow to think right
Many pre-written protocols / dosagesSecret of an untroubled mind
7 aging processesHow an equilibrated mind slows aging
How to combat these processesFuture of medicine and how to harness it
Role of training levels I-3 in anti-agingCan we live to 150?
Case studiesCan we transcend our genes?

Common Sense | Evidence Based | Clinically Proven

Hompes Method is founded upon the three powerful pillars that are frequently overlooked as a trinity by myopic conventional and alternative approaches.


Common Sense

Some of Hompes Method’s principles are so obvious that our clients and even us overlook them. The curriculum ensures that you’re grounded and fully aware of the importance of common sense principles and armed with the ability to communicate these principles with your clients in a clear, firm and non-patronising way.


Scientifically Validated

For analytically minded clients and practitioners, it’s important that all recommendations are evidence-based. Once a client knows why you’re making a set of recommendations, their compliance increases dramatically. Science isn’t everything, but the curriculum provides you with a vault of references to share with your clients and patients.


Clinically Proven

Sometimes, methods and strategies are effective despite a lack of scientific validation. Double blind, placebo-controlled studies don’t exist for certain protocols, but they work! Studies may never be done in the support of some recommendations. That’s why I teach the curriculum with an abundance of real-life case studies I’ve accumulated over the last 12 years.

Free Training, Event Invitations, Early Bird Offers

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Before then, I’d love to share with you some helpful content, insights, and case studies in functional medicine and
wellness psychology along with invitations to join the community and conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need any prerequisites to enrol? - ANSWER

The curriculum is primarily designed for existing health and fitness professionals but is suitable for individuals looking to make a transition or career change.

Following Plato’s tradition of universal education, there are no pre-requisites to study the curriculum. Some people will study this material for general interest, for their own benefit and for the benefit of those around them. Others will use the training to launch a successful career.

Enrolment to level II is based on completing level I, and enrolment on level III is subject to completion of level II.

Even though this curriculum provides everything you need to deliver high-level services to others, if you intend to pursue a career in and form of health coaching, we recommend that if you seek formal academic qualifications in anatomy and physiology before delivering programs to clients.

Such a qualification could easily be achieved alongside this curriculum.

Q: When can I start? - ANSWER

Once the mentorship is launched, you can begin the courses whenever you choose. It is my recommendation that you start with level I, then, at your own pace, progress through as many levels as you would like.

If you are an experienced nutritionist or similar with a sound practical knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle coaching, you may qualify to enter the curriculum at level II, pending a short telephone or Skype interview.

Should you skip the level I nutrition and lifestyle content, you will be required to study the human behaviour and business modules from level I before commencing level II.

Q: How long is the mentorship? - ANSWER

There is no set time for completing the courses and you can study at your own pace. The most important thing is to fully understand the material and begin applying it in your own life and with your clients.

Estimated completion times, depending on how much time you can apply to studying the materials each week, are:

  • Level I: 3 to 6 months
  • Level II: 7 to 10 months
  • Level III: 7 to12 months

Remember that the courses are designed for your personal and business development as well as nutrition and functional medicine. They are not to be rushed and you will need to complete exams in order to gain certification and access to the next level.

Q: What if it’s not for me? - ANSWER

My goal in creating this curriculum is to help you become a better practitioner than the typical industry standard and to transcend your current personal, business and financial barriers to create the business and life of your dreams.

However, if you do not feel that the curriculum is for you, we will refund you without any problem.*

You have very little to lose from enrolling in the curriculum. It is my hope that the modest monthly tuition fee encourages you to dip into our content and see the value and benefits at a very low financial risk.

The first step is to sign up for updates and join us on social media so that I can send you snippets of the beneficial, cutting-edge content we offer.

Q: How is the content delivered? - ANSWER

All content is delivered via an online learning platform and is accessible globally. Content is provided in video presentations, downloadable MP3, PDF and MS Word formats to support different learning styles. Most hand out and resource documents can be branded with your own business details, saving you much time.

Q: Can I access the curriculum where I live? - ANSWER

Question: What time is it on the Internet? Answer: Time does not exist on the Internet! All content is available globally, 24/7 and we invite you to join our movement wherever you may be.

Q: Is the information evidence-based? - ANSWER

Where possible, all the information and recommendations in the curriculum have strong scientific validity. You are provided with research link to support all our content.

However, as you will learn, some things science is still unable to prove! Through the use of a myriad of case studies, you will see how our methods and strategies have benefited countless numbers of real people in the real world.

Q: Is the information up to date? - ANSWER

The fields of nutrition, functional medicine, genomics and psychology are rapidly evolving. It can be hard to keep up with scientific progress, so our weekly support calls, case studies and social communities ensure you remain updated and course materials will be adjusted accordingly for all members as new information materialises.

Remember, beyond scientific discovery, there are generalised principles by which humans, the earth, solar system and galaxy function that remain unchanged, which is why these principles are taught across levels I-III.

Q: Live training calls, community and peer support - ANSWER

You are invited to join our private social media community to share your questions, queries, thoughts and ideas, and to feel supported on your journey.

Each week, we run live support calls / webinars to cover questions, key topics, case studies and anything else you may like to raise. The purpose of these calls is to ensure that you have regular content with myself and other senior instructors.

Q: What is the exam process? - ANSWER

All exams are completed online to ensure we are able to assess students in different geographical locations. For your protection and to ensure you have understood the content, your exams are strictly marked and will not be granted a pass unless the highest standards are reached, and you will be personally assisted with anything you do not fully understand.

Q: What are my payment options? - ANSWER

Payment options have not been finalised but will likely be threefold:

Option 1: Annual monthly:

Content is drip-fed on a weekly basis for 90-days. You do not have to complete level I in 90-days – take your time as needed. Once Level I is complete, you may move seamlessly to Level II on the same payment plan. This option is ideal if you:

  • Would like to try the content at very low risk (cancel any time).
  • Prefer to manage your finances with a comfortable monthly investment.
  • Think you can complete levels I and II quickly, thus saving money on the annual fee (option 2, below).

Option 2: Annual:

When choosing this option, all your level I and II content is available immediately.*

If you do not complete your study inside 12-months, it’s no problem. In year two you can switch to a monthly option for as many months as you need to complete the two levels. You can then continue your monthly subscription upon registering for level III.

Option 3: Single payment for lifetime access to all content (levels I-III)

All the level I, II and III content is available immediately** and you have lifetime access to it without additional cost in the future.

* Level II (latter modules) and level III content will continue to be updated throughout 2017 and may not appear in the members’ area until slightly later in the year.

Exclusive member discounts

As a student, you receive preferential rates and booking on all our educational workshops and events, as well as discounts for approved training partners.

Accessing the content

Once registered, a Username and Password are generated for you. Content is immediately available to you upon signing in.

Annual members receive access to all the current content in levels I and II and monthly members will be drip-fed content on a monthly basis. The curriculum is structured in a logical, structured order.

For some people, content and topics may be repeated, but I guarantee there will be a different context and slant on the information that will be of significant benefit. As author Malcolm Gladwell tells us, repetition is the key to mastery.

Q: What are the membership fees? - ANSWER

Membership fees for the various access levels have not yet been fully finalised. Please leave your email address to receive updates regarding these fees and special launch offers.

Q: When will the curriculum be open for enrolment? - ANSWER

The curriculum will be open for enrolment on June 1st, 2017. Again, please leave your email address to receive updates regarding these fees and special launch offers.

Any other questions

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions whatsoever.