Client Testimonials

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Energy levels back…

“My energy levels had dipped significantly over recent months, but after running some simple and affordable home laboratory tests, and following a timely and precise dietary advice & supplement program, I am delighted to have my energy levels back!”

Maxine Taupin, Beverley Hill, Los Angeles.

People have been amazed…

“The Hompes Method has done wonders for me! People have been amazed at the amount of weight I have lost and have all commented on how good I look, especially my skin. Despite my initial skepticism, it’s very clear that behind my ‘2lbs a week weight-loss’ there’s a lot of science and expertise. It’s a programme like no other I’ve ever experienced.”

Richard Bosworth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Back to my best…

“After some simple diet changes and a supplement programme, I am almost back to my best. I was so impressed with my results that I’ve sent my entire family to see Dave Hompes.”

Pan Saladas, London.

Life back on track…

“In early 2012 I was afraid to eat or even have a glass of water because of constant burping. I also had low energy, pain in the gut, feeling sick, wind, mood swings, often felt tearful and had poor quality sleep. One year later I feel symptom free and to think that initially I was concerned I might be wasting my time and money (I am naturally suspicious by nature)! Hompes Method has put my life back on track and you can’t put a price on that.”

Carol Morgan, Newcastle, UK.

Improved bowel health…

“I have probably had stomach infections for 20 years unbeknown to me – that is certainly when my symptoms started. Dave helped me to clear it within 3 months using non-side effects herbs. Dave is the only person who has improved my bowel health in all this time.”

Joyce Dallimore, Wales.

Best pre-season ever…

“When I ran tests with Dave we found H. pylori and another digestive infection. I can honestly say that I don’t have any chest pains and, at 31, I’ve felt better this pre-season than I’ve ever done in the past.”

Darren Ward, UK.

Energised and on top form…

“All the excess weight I was carrying has disappeared, my digestion is superb – and I am generally feeling energised and on top form.”

Laura Dempsey, Bath, UK.

No more antidepressants!

“After 3 months on Dave’s natural programme, I am delighted to tell the world, I feel fabulous! No more antidepressants! It hasn’t been easy, but I would advise anyone reading this to give Dave a try. His knowledge is extensive; go for it!”

Maggie Kernick, UK

My vitality has returned!

“Best money I have ever spent – this program has changed my life in such a positive way! My body has acclimated to the herbal protocol, which was my biggest hurdle, and my vitality has returned!  Thank you, so much, for your program!”

Henrietta, Ohio

Feeling better at 66 than at 40!

“I have lost about 30 lbs and feel better at age 66 than I did when I was in my 40’s! The thing that I do not understand is that after all the years of GI problems I was having, not once did any of the physicians ever mention this kind of work.”

Tony Harrass, California.

Sugar cravings gone…

“I wasn’t digesting food very well and that I had a parasite called in my intestine. Within only a couple of weeks my symptoms had vastly improved and my cravings for sugar had gone! Great advice and it really works.”

Shane Hopper, Durham, UK.

Friends notice how much better I look…

With a medical background I could not understand why my health issues had been deteriorating so much – abdominal bloating, digestive disorders, weight gain, low energy, sleep problems and aching muscles and joints. But I am now able to sleep naturally for the first time in 7-8 years! My energy levels are very good and my aching joints have subsided. My abdominal bloating is drastically reduced and family & friends have all noted how much better I look. I am now in my late 70’s but feel much younger and able at last to enjoy a more energetic lifestyle!

Barbara Ivall, UK.

I learnt how to look after myself to a higher standard

“I started working with Jack to alleviate some constant bladder symptoms I was having. During the 3 months we worked together I gained so much more than relief to my bladder. I learnt how to look after myself to a higher standard and maintain life with full vitality. We worked together and Jack became almost a life coach in that he guided the tweaks to nutrition, how to improve energy levels, sleeping habits and just support in making the right decisions for my health. As a Pilates Instructor setting up a new business this not only improved my personal life, but my work life as well. The knowledge and skills I picked up in the 3 months I was working with Jack are now in my ‘tool box’ for life!

Alex C, London

I have made the biggest progress in my health

“After 4 to 5 years of suffering from digestive issues with numerous terrible and suicidal like symptoms which accumulated throughout those years that were worsening day by day. During all these years my doctor was convinced that I lost my mind and I was just over reacting about my health condition and he recommended that I should see a psychiatrist (of course I didn’t wait and immediately found another doctor). To make long story short I changed 5 doctors in a period of 2 years and yet I was still let down by all of them. The despair of my well being made me feel like it’s too late for me to stay in my body as life itself was meaningless with my condition. Eventually, my last doctor did another blood work and he found H. pylori, he then prescribed antibiotics which didn’t sound like a good idea at all (as my previous health disease which I think was part of the cause of my digestive issues). After two courses of antibiotics it still didn’t feel like I was getting better and the doctor told me it was difficult to really know if the H. pylori present. After coming across the Jack and the Hompes program which yet I still haven’t fully finished discovering, I have made the biggest progress in my health condition and my overall health hasn’t just improved but I feel like I surpassed my health goals on the vitality scale and I’ve reached the highest vitality since I can remember. If I could rate the Hompes program on a scale of 5 I would give it 5+ as this program really takes your health vitality beyond your normal health status. Thank You Jack & Dave.

Lawan, Canada

Nothing short of remarkable

“My experience with the Hompes Method, as well as with Hompes Method Practitioner Jack Walton, was nothing short of remarkable. After years of searching for the answer to my ongoing digestive problems, I followed Jack’s advice to take a simple, at-home test. When the results of that test were sent to Jack, he advised me to take a single action that would change my life for the better within 48 hours. He was correct. That was the beginning of a most remarkable three months of Hompes Method training that I purchased. (With Jack leading me all the way.) The information I gleaned during that time has been instrumental in improvements to my overall health that were wonderful. When I consider the costs of the Hompes Method, miniscule when compared to what I have spent with all but useless mainstream medicine, it is my advice to anyone considering working with this group that you run, not walk, to your computer and sign up.”

Don Hess, North Carolina

It’s been an incredible healing and learning journey

“Hello, my name is Robert Martin.  For the past 24 years I’ve been struggling with ulcerative colitis. I’ve been consulting doctors and searching the Internet with the hope, of one day, being able to regain a normal life. Given that conventional medicine couldn’t help me, I’ve always thought that I could and would find the solution on my own with the help of the information and resources available on the Internet.  Unfortunately, a lot of the information available is confusing, contradictory and misleading hence making it extremely hard to know right from wrong.  In desperation, I finally realize a year ago that I needed a nutritional coach to guide me through this sea of information.  That is when I started looking for a nutritional coach that I could partner with.  I was looking for someone that would be available to me whenever I had questions or needed immediate support – someone that would take the time to educate me, and someone that would use an holistic and natural approach.  After doing a lot of research, I found the Dave Hompes Method and Jack Walton. I have now been working with Jack for a little over a year.  Since a year ago, Jack has accompanied me in my healing process.  Jack has helped me regain my life.  The healing continues yet, I now feel for the first in 24 years, that I am finally on the road to recovery and that I am regaining control of my life. The only thing I regret in all this is not having made this decision earlier.  It’s been an incredible healing and learning journey. Thanks Jack for everything you have done for me.”

Robert Martin, Quebec

Best health program I have ever used

“I have seen many doctors and most sadly aren’t doctors who can help when it comes down to digestion problems. I have to say the Hompes Program is by far the best health program I’ve ever used. It has so many great ways to improve your health whether you have a medical condition or an average person looking to boost their health condition. Thank you so much.”

Vian Nadir, Canada

Happy to feel alive again

‘I have been working with Dave for over 2 years now.  When we first started I was a victim of the medical system, I had lost 20 pounds, suffering from terrible gastric pain, and doctors telling me it was all in my head, because all of their tests came out negative. Then Dave took on my case with patience, compassion, and scientific expertise.  We conducted several tests: stool test, hormone test, hair test and urine test to get a full picture of what was going on.  This is the main difference between working with Dave and other practitioners of alternative medicine, he only recommends a course of action once he has scientific data and has run the appropriate test.  We found that I had a complex infection of H. Pylori, yeast and other various gastric intruders.  We set a course of action and stuck to it.  It’s not easy, you need to stick with it and trust him – he knows what he is doing! Now I am feeling better than ever and happy to feel alive again!’

Nic Angelini, Montreal

In control of my health again

“Jack, I want you (and Dave) to know how much I appreciate your program and all you have done for me. One year ago, I had the opportunity to buy the business I now own, but I was too weak and ill to be able to do that.  Now, with your help and guidance and some hard work, I was able to trust my gut (I had to heal my gut to be able to trust it!) and jump when the opportunity came around again.  I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t found your program online.  I had come across much of the information in various places on the Internet, but couldn’t make sense or practical use of it.  But your system laid it all out in such an organized, cohesive manner, that it made implementation easy and of course, having personal guidance made all the difference.  I’m glad the initial program was for a few months as it gave me time to make sustainable changes, instead of just a passing protocol. Now these methods are a part of my life, they are my foundation for health.  You not only helped me to find health again, but you helped give me the power to be in control of my health again.  All the doctors I had worked with seemed to like to keep me in the dark and act as though only they could hold the keys to my health, but you shined the light on everything.  I find it amusing that I had to get in touch with someone halfway across the world to help me…yay for modern technology because without it I would be stuck with the backwards way of “practicing medicine” in my rural area. You have done more for me from thousands of miles away than any of the practitioners that I have seen in person.  Jack, you were my rock.  Thank you for getting me through this.  For everything you have done for me and my health, I am truly, truly thankful.”

Melanie, Oregon

I can finally start living again

“Hi Jack, I am fantastic!  Since speaking with you last I have become a qualified personal trainer and have never felt more alive and confident. The knowledge I was given/taught from yourself and Dave about nutrition/exercise and just the human body in general inspired me to want to help others. I never want a single person out there to ever feel the way I did if I can help it. Thanks to you I can finally take on the world and finally start living again.  I still have a long way to go and so much to learn. I want as many people as possible to know you don’t just have to pop prescription pills to get better.  More people need to be informed that food can be our medicine along with an active lifestyle. I am living proof of it :)”

Brooke, Victoria (Australia)

I feel much more healthy, with more energy

 “I had visited every doctor in my city and they just told me that I had some “genetic” tendency to have acid reflux and problems related, which to me was really lacking of sense. It all started because I was racing cycling at a professional level, and with the losing weight goal in mind, I started to care less about my nutrition. So I lost a lot of weight without any professional help or balanced diet. I just did it reducing the calories that I was putting into my body. Very bad decision. So with the extreme effort in my racing days and the poor diet that I was following I think I got really weak and I started to get all kinds of illness that I’ve never had before. And I think that I was so weak that I even got the H. Pylori with some food poisoning traveling to Latin America. I went to a great seafood restaurant, and I got food poisoned. After that I never really recovered. My body was so weak that the bugs stayed inside and everything went worst since that day. That was the moment that I looked for help and I was very lucky to find Dave Hompes and his team. I followed everything that Jack told me to do. Doing a small change every week. I started to cook my own food and stop eating a lot of junk food that I used to eat a lot in the street before. I now understand the importance of the food that we put into our system. Jack was very supportive all the time and had a lot of patience with me, which I tremendously appreciate. I was informing every problem or situation that I had and how I was feeling and he used to respond me very fast to see what was the best thing that we could do in order to keep achieving our goals. I started to feel with more energy & I recovered my natural sleep cycle. I think that from that moment I started to see most important changes in my health overall status. Overall I feel much more healthy, with more energy, and I pretty much have a normal life now. There is no magic pill. Is a important change that we have to make to our eating habits and approach to diseases. And poor diet is the root of most of the diseases right now. We have empty nutrient, vitamin and mineral bodies trying to fight disease but without any strength. I think this is the future of the medicine. This is modern medicine.”

Marcelino, Barcelona