How David beat fatigue, mood and skin problems

David B, a very active gentleman in his 60’s, ordered a home stool test back in autumn 2013.

His story is inspiring and it’s my hope that it encourages and  inspires you to take action to beat your symptoms.

David made the decision to get the test done as he’d been struggling with a wide range of symptoms for quite a while, including:

  • Heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Belching
  • Gas
  • Abdominal pain
  • Painful muscles & joints – particularly finger and knee stiffness
  • Nasal drip & mucus
  • Mild Asthma
  • Chest pains
  • Skin condition (hives)
  • Mood problems
  • Sleep issues (this was really bothering him)
  • Lower than ideal energy level

As luck would have it, just a few short months later David’s symptoms improved remarkably.

David’s stool test revealed some of the main reasons for his symptoms, and by dealing with the findings, he was able to significantly improve his quality of life.

The main findings from David’s stool test are shown below.

You will see that he had a whole range of bad bugs residing in his gut, listed in red:

  • Staphylococcus aureus overgrowth
  • H pylori
  • A fungal overgrowth
  • Blastocystis hominis
  • Further unidentified parasite.

In other words, he had FIVE different bad bugs.

No wonder he wasn’t feeling in top shape.


We also discovered that David was also not digesting protein properly, which is a major problem for several reasons:

  • First, if you can’t effectively digest protein, you can’t get amino acids into your body to be used for the construction of bone, skin, muscle and other tissues.
  • Second, you can’t get amino acids into your body to be used for hormones, in brain chemistry and detoxification.
  • Third, you can’t get amino acids into your body to be used for enzymes, which run all your chemical reactions.

The result?

Fatigue, mood issues, skin symptoms, digestive issues, chronic aches and pains and poor sleep.

We had a fair bit of work to do…

The first step, as always, was to straighten out David’s diet and eating habits.

On top of these basic considerations, David followed a strict anti-parasite and anti-fungal protocol for 60-days.

He then followed-up with a stomach cleanse protocol to address H pylori.

Recall David’s symptom list and look at the progress he made, in his own words:


  • Mild Asthma – no real problems
  • Chest pains – no more
  • Heartburn – no more
  • Skin condition – (hives) not had for a while
  • Bloating – not so much
  • Gas – improved
  • Mood – vastly improved/excellent
  • Sleep – vastly improved
  • Energy – good
  • Bowel movements – okay generally

David did a great job following the eating plan and protocols laid out for him.

It’s testament to his commitment that he achieved such exceptional results.

A crucial point for you to understand

When David re-tested for H pylori, the result indicated it was still there.


This illustrates a really important point.

Many people come to us thinking H pylori is the problem only to find that eradicating H pylori brings zero symptom relief.

In many cases, it’s other bad bugs that cause the problems (other bacteria, parasites and fungi like Candida).

In other cases, it’s simply the foods that people eating.

How do you know what’s causing YOUR symptoms?

The fact is that you have no way of knowing what’s causing your symptoms unless you take steps to find out.

By far the fastest and most effective way is to run a comprehensive stool test.

It’s sent to your door and in the privacy of your own home you provide a stool sample.

It’s not the most pleasant of experiences, but if it helps you take your health back, it’s worth the stink!

You send it back to the lab, who analyze it for tons of things that could be making you feel unwell.

They check your bad bugs, good bacteria levels, digestion capacity, immune strength and damage to your intestine.

On receiving your results, we run a thorough 60-min consultation with you to explain what the results mean in the context of your health history and symptoms.

Once we have all the data, we can then begin designing a specific and individualized program to help you improve and overcome your symptoms.

Just like David and many other people have done, you can reclaim your health and vitality starting now.

You can find out more about a stool test, or arrange one, here.




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