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“Simple steps to reduce your risk of heart disease…”

 Did you know there are 25 different risk factors that doctors don’t talk about when it comes to heart disease?

These factors are all simple and innocent enough – but together they cause a dangerous cocktail that lifts your chance of heart disease dramatically.

What are they? And how are they slipping through the net unnoticed?

Well believe it or not, simple things like eating too many vegetable oils, simple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, oral infections and hormone imbalances all contribute to your risk.

I’ve written this book because I care deeply about helping you make decisions about health based on balanced information.

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When it comes to cardiovascular disease – which includes high blood pressure, angina, heart attacks and strokes – you’re only told a tiny fraction of the truth, and the information is certainly not balanced.

Heart disease, you’re led to believe, happens because you have high blood cholesterol, because you smoke, or because you eat too much saturated fat.

Some of this information is plain wrong, and some of it is only partially true.

You’re never taught that cardiovascular disease is actually just an end result of two main factors:

  • Too much bad stuff being in your body – e.g. H. pylori, other bacteria, bad foods such as vegetable oils and sugar, bad toxins, oral bacteria and too much oestrogen.
  • Inadequate good stuff being in your body – e.g. vitamin C, vitamins B6, B12 and folate, thyroid hormones, testosterone and other important health-promoting molecules.

The scientific evidence is there for everyone to see, and the really smart cardiologists and doctors all use an integrative approach that involves optimizing food, digestion, detoxification and hormone balance to get the best results for their patients.

In 2008 I came across a wealth of research indicating a role for H. pylori infection in the development of heart disease and I couldn’t believe why nobody was talking about it.

I found that certain strains of H. pylori can influence the following cardiovascular disease risk factors by:

Increasing blood pressure

Increasing insulin resistance

Increasing oxidative stress

Increasing homocysteine

Increasing c-reactive protein levels

Altering cholesterol profiles in favour of “bad” cholesterol

Increasing Lp(a)

…and more.

Sure, there’s some technical jargon here, but it’s very simple to explain in layman’s terms, which is exactly what I do for you in the book.

As I investigated heart disease causes in more and more depth, I came across information about other possible causes that were so basic and so easy to avoid or deal with that I just had to share the information with you.

So, since 2008, I’ve painstakingly pulled together vast amounts of information on heart disease from some of the world’s leading doctors, cardiologists and researchers, including Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD, Dr. Mark Houston, Dr. MD, Sherry Rogers, MD and Dr. Tom Levy, MD.

I hope and believe this book will help you, your family and countless thousands of other people, reduce your risk for developing heart disease.

What you’ll get from this book

I want to make it clear that anyone and everyone can benefit from this book – whether you have H. pylori or not.

Although H. pylori is a major part of the book, the information extends to how you can protect yourself from heart disease and all its complications in many other ways.

  • It’s going to teach you the true causes of heart disease that you can control and minimise on a day-to-day basis to protect you and your family.
  • It’s going to teach you how to eat a heart-healthy diet.
  • It’s going to reveal to you a whole suite of scientific evidence that helps you communicate with your medical provider and develop a strong working relationship to ensure the very best level of healthcare for you.
  • It’s going to teach you how to run specific lab tests in the comfort of your own home to check your risk factors.
  • It’s going to introduce specific heart-healthy supplements that are used by some of the world’s leading cardiologists.
  • It’s going to teach you principles that enable you to rejuvenate, optimize and maintain your health for the rest of your life, whether you’re interested in your heart health, energy, sleep, mood, skin, digestion, sex drive or sports performance.

A Snapshot of What You’ll Learn

  • The role of H. pylori in digestive and overall health, and how this nasty little bug can create problems in all areas of your body.
  • The process by which heart disease develops in the first place, which is related to inflammation, not cholesterol.
  • The risk factors doctors talk about when considering the likelihood you’ll develop heart disease.
  • How H. pylori influences more than 50% of these risk factors, including data taken from more than 100 studies on heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure and more.
  • Why high cholesterol is NOT the primary cause of cardiovascular disease
  • Why having LOW cholesterol is actually more dangerous than having high levels.
  • Why taking statin drugs may actually INCREASE your risk of having a heart attack.
  • The 25 TRUE causes of heart disease and how they interact with each other to increase your risk, including vitamin C, B12 and magnesium deficiencies, oral infections from root canals, gluten consumption and chronic mercury toxicity from your dental fillings.
  • The key tests your doctor or cardiologist can run in order to help you make sure your risk factors are under control.
  • The key cardiovascular risk tests your doctor might NOT run.
  • How to get yourself screened and tested to ensure all your heart disease risk factors are bang under control, and where to go to get them.
  • The Hompes Method approach to rejuvenating the health of your cardiovascular system no matter where it’s at right now.

The Top 15 Steps You Can Take TODAY To Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk

Once I’ve outlined the main reasons for heart disease I’m going to give you 15 powerful yet simple steps that may help you to begin reducing your heart disease risk right away.

I’ve pulled these 15 steps together from the work of leading doctors, cardiologists and nutritionists from around the world.

For your convenience I’ve laid out the recommendations in an easy-to-follow sequence to enable you to implement them in a stress-free way.

These steps involve simple diet and lifestyle changes, supplement recommendations and specific laboratory tests to check your level of risk.

Some brief examples – presented in greater detail within the book – include:

  • Testing for H. pylori to identify whether you have CagA or VacA strains
  • Removing vegetable oils from your diet except olive oil and coconut oil to reduce oxidative stress levels in your arteries.
  • Removing gluten from your diet to ensure you minimize intestinal inflammation.
  • Using specific herbs and foods to reduce inflammation, such as turmeric.
  • Taking 1,000 to 2,000 mg vitamin C per day to help maintain the integrity of your arteries.
  • Considering a high quality magnesium supplement at around 200-400 mg/day.
  • Ensuring your sodium (salt) and potassium (fruit and veg) intake are well balanced.
  • Get your vitamin and mineral status accurately checked (e.g. B12, folate, B6), and taking steps to address any low levels you may uncover.
  • Considering  supplementing heart-healthy nutrients such as carnitine, lysine, proline and coenzyme Q10.

Steps such as these not only improve your cardiovascular health, but also your health in general.

You may well feel more energized, have better moods, improved sleep and less aches and pains by removing bad stuff from your body and replacing the good stuff.

In short this book will show you the principles to rejuvenate, optimize and maintain your health for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in your heart health, energy, sleep, mood, skin, digestion, sex drive or sports performance – this book will transform your health.

Perhaps that sounds like a bold claim. Personally, I think it is. But I make it with complete confidence:

If you’re not entirely satisfied with this e-book, tell me and I’ll refund you in full, with no questions asked.

All it takes is one email and I’ll do the rest.

Right now, you’re one click away from protecting yourself and your family from the horrors of heart disease.




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