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The ‘Gut Buddies’ Digestive Health Bundle saves you 50% when compared to purchasing each product separately. I put this e-book and online video package together to enable you to order all my e-books and videos at a discount and avoid the hassle of placing separate orders. All products are instantly available upon purchase and downloadable, or viewable online. This bundle contains:

  • H Pylori Diet e-book
  • H Pylori Secrets online video stream
  • What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites e-book
  • The H Pylori Recipe and Cookbook
  • H Pylori: From Heartburn to Heart Attacks
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What Does the Gut Buddies Digestive Health Bundle Include?

What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites e-book (PDF – 60-pages)

This e-book teaches you critical information about intestinal parasites that the majority of doctors simply don’t know.

Having had parasites ourselves and in our work with hundreds of cases where the eradication of intestinal parasites has led to remarkable improvements in our clients’ health, we absolutely know for sure that they can cause an enormous array of digestive symptoms and problems outside the gut.

In this book, we’ll reveal:

  • Why parasites are NOT just a problem in exotic faraway countries.
  • Why doctors don’t
  • How intestinal parasites cause bloating, digestive pain, diarrhoea and typical “IBS” symptoms.
  • Detailed information on the Top Ten parasites we see in our clients’ stool test results.
  • How parasites can cause symptoms outside the body, including skin disorders, mood and memory problems, allergies and sleep problems.
  • Why yeast and fungal overgrowth is so common and how to deal with it safely.
  • How to accurately test for intestinal parasites in the comfort of your own home.
  • Up to date medical treatment protocols for a wide range of intestinal parasites.
  • How to eliminate intestinal parasites using precise herbal protocols.

This e-book is a quick and easy read and when you’ve finished, we guarantee that you will know more than your doctor (and most others) about the topic, allowing you to take total control of your digestive health.

The H Pylori Diet e-book

The H Pylori Diet helps you overcome the many symptoms of H pylori using a 100% natural nutrition and supplement program. By reading this book you’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate from your diet common foods that cause heartburn, pain, bloating and IBS in millions of people worldwide so that your symptoms improve quickly and without expense.
  • How to replace these foods with tasty and convenient alternatives.
  • Menus and recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • How to include common supermarket foods that act against H pylori into your diet.
  • Which anti-H pylori nutritional supplements and herbs to use, how much of them to use and precisely when to take them.
  • How to reduce and eliminate Candida overgrowth by using probiotics and other immune-boosting supplements.

The H Pylori Secrets (DVD – online stream version)

The H Pylori Secrets DVD is the perfect tool to help you understand H pylori in more detail so that you are armed with all the information you need to beat it.

This 2-CD set footage (streamed online) contains a recording of the live seminar I gave in London during the summer of 2010 and teaches you:

  • How H pylori leads to symptoms outside as well as inside your digestive system.
  • How you picked up the infection in the first place and how to avoid infecting others or being reinfected yourself.
  • Why H pylori can lead to ulcers and stomach cancer in 1-3% of people who are infected.
  • How H pylori may lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in some folk.
  • How to test for H pylori and why more than one test may be needed.
  • How to use precise supplement protocols to help work against H pylori.
  • Why you must consider diet and other digestive infections if you are to remain healthy once you’ve beaten H pylori
  • How to make sure your H pylori infection has gone once you’ve received treatment.

The H. Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook (PDF)

  • 66 mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, side and desserts
  • Congruent with H-Pylori Diet guidelines that you can use for a lifetime
  • Complete instructions and visual guides on how to prepare each recipe from scratch
  • Weekly meal planners
  • Shopping lists for each weekly meal plan
  • Special section on uncovering hidden reasons you may not feel well using home-based lab testing

H Pylori: From Heartburn to Heart Attacks e-book:

This e-book teaches you how H pylori and other little known factors contribute to heart disease, and the simple steps you can take to reduce your risk.

Although H. pylori is a major part of the book, the information extends to how you can protect yourself from heart disease and all its complications in general, and as such the information can benefit everyone:

  • The true causes of heart disease that you can control and minimise on a day-to-day basis to protect you and your family
  • How to eat a heart-healthy diet
  • How to run specific lab tests in the comfort of your own home to check your risk factors
  • Specific heart-healthy supplements that are used by some of the world’s leading cardiologists and other experts
  • It’s going to teach you principles that enable you to rejuvenate, optimize and maintain your general wellness
  • You’ll get specific supplement protocols, including dosages, for helping with a variety of imbalances in your cardiovascular system

Here are the prices for each individual product in the bundle:

  • H Pylori Diet e-book – £11.95
  • H Pylori Secrets online video stream – £11.95
  • What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Parasites e-book – £11.95
  • The H Pylori Recipe and Cookbook – £11.95
  • H Pylori: From Heartburn to Heart Attacks – £11.95

The total price on purchasing each product separately is £55.75, so by ordering this bundle at £29.95, you save almost 50%.


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