The H Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook e-book


66 mouth watering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, side and dessert ideas that are congruent with H-Pylori Diet guidelines that you can use and keep for a lifetime.

This ebook containts:

• Complete instructions and visual guides on how to prepare each recipe from scratch.
• Weekly meal planners.
• Shopping lists for each weekly meal plan.
• Special section on uncovering hidden reasons you may not feel well using home-based lab testing.

In a lot of cases, digestive symptoms are due to foods you’re eating and NOT H-pylori and other “bad bugs”.

After eight years working one-on-one with more than 2,000 clients, I have certainty that food is the primary reason for digestive symptoms.

The H-Pylori Diet Recipe & Cookbook helps you seamlessly take away foods that might be causing your symptoms whilst providing bountiful options to heal your gut.

The H-Pylori Diet Recipe & Cookbook is packed with easy-to-prepare, healthy recipes that certainly DON’T make you feel like your foods are being restricted.

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What Is The H Pylori Diet Recipe and Cookbook about?

Imagine having more than 60 Stress-free, tasty and easy-to-prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at your fingertips.

Imagine not having to worry about whether your foods and meals are going to bloat you up, run straight through you or crease you over in pain!

Imagine having recipes and meal plans that not only support my H. Pylori Diet recommendations, but also help you beat bloat, heartburn, GERD, belching, farting and IBS.

Just so you know, this cookbook is for everyone – it’s most certainly not just for people who have H-pylori.
The recipes are designed to improve digestion in general. They also help you balance your blood sugar, enhance your energy, give you sounder sleep, balance your moods and encourage brighter, clearer skin.
The fact that they help to fight H-pylori is a bonus!

Here’s what’s inside: 

Getting Prepared
• Kitting Out Your Kitchen
• Coconut Milk
• Coconut Butter
• Bone Broth
• Chicken Stock
Beautiful Breakfasts
• Quinoa Porridge
• Overnight Oats
• Spanish Omelette
• Gelatin Smoothie
• Lamb Burgers
• Chicken Mince
• Mushrooms Omelette
• Egg muffins
• Yoghurt and fruit
• Beef Mince Peppers
Luscious Lunches
• Beetroot and Feta Soup
• Sweet Pot & Coco Milk Soup
• Chicken Korma Soup
• Steak
• Cod in Parsley sauce
• Lamb Fajitas
• Cod Fishcakes
• Chicken Salad with Fig & Feta
• Egg Pizza
• Prawn Stir fry
Delicious Dinners
• Lamb Casserole
• Diced Venison Stew
• Coconut Fish Bake
• Roasted Lemon Hake
• Lamb Koftas
• Chicken Tikka Masala
• Chicken and Leek Pot Pie
• Moroccan Turkey
• Bolognaise
• Beef and Beetroot Curry
Salivating Sides
• Coleslaw
• Bamboo Rice
• Roasted Vegetables
• Roasted Root Veg
• Mashed Veg
• Sweet Potato Wedges
• Butternut Squash
• Sage Mash
• Cauliflower Rice
Easy Tomatoes and Mozzerella
• Sag Aloo
Sensational Snacks
• Plantain Chips
• Sweet Potato Chips
• Tzatziki Dip
• Deviled Eggs and Avocado
• Easy Tomato Soup
• Bone Broth with Vegetables
• Liver Pate
• Beef Jerky
• Flapjacks
• Butternut Squash Dip
Delightful Desserts
• Chocolate Bark
• Grilled Peaches/Nectarines
• Coconut Fruit Salad
• Hibiscus Flower & Orange Jelly
• Berry Terrine
• Fruit Ice-pops
• Cinnamon Apples
• Coconut Butter Fruit Bars
• Gummy Sweets
• Easy Fruit Ice Cream

9 BIG Reasons to Grab This Book
Reason 1 – It’s completely congruent with H-Pylori Diet recommendations
Each meal and snack idea has been carefully put together to adhere to the recommendations in The H-Pylori Diet. They’re gluten, soy and dairy-free and contain no additives and sugar.
Reason 2 – It’s doable
All the recipes and meal ideas in this book are doable. They’re laid out neatly and simply with photos showing how you what the end result looks like. If I can easily prepare these meals, so can you!
Reason 3 – It saves you a massive amount of time
The hardest thing about changing your diet is not removing harmful foods, but knowing what to eat instead. This book helps you effortlessly prepare meals and snacks that are safe for your tummy without you needing to spend time thinking about it.
Reason 4 – It’s low on allergy-causing foods
You can have an adverse reaction to any food, no matter how harmless it may seem. In my experience, the biggest trouble-causing foods that irritate the stomach and intestine are gluten, cow’s milk, soy and vegetable oils. By removing the main allergy-causing foods, you may experience improvements in your symptoms before you even eradicate H. pylori.
Reason 5 – It reduces fermentation in your gut
H. pylori can reduce stomach acid levels, making it easier for Candida and SIBO to get a foothold in your intestine. These conditions lead to a lot of food fermentation in your gut, which cause bloating, heartburn, GERD, abdominal pain, farting and even diarrhoea. The recipes in this book are low on fermentable carbohydrates.
Reason 6 – It heals your digestion
The recipes in this book are specifically designed to remove irritants to your digestive system, reduce inflammation and heal your digestive system so you no longer have heartburn, bloating, pain and other digestive symptoms.
Reason 7 – It’s highly nutritious
Modern diets that are high in processed foods are low in nutrient content. You won’t have that problem with the recipes in this book. Eating a healthy variety of these recipes will ensure that your nutrient intake is optimised.
Reason 8 – It will boost your energy and mood
Research shows that faulty digestion is one of the biggest reasons for low moods, anxiety and low energy. Quickly boost your energy and feel lighter and brighter by removing inflammatory foods and eating nutrient dense alternatives that feed and nourish your body’s cells.
Reason 9 – You can use it for a lifetime
You’ll have these recipes for life – they won’t just help you feel better right now, but also help you maintain a healthy digestive system for a lifetime.

The H-Pylori Diet Recipe & Cookbook is:
Backed by a lot of time-tested science. The recipes contain ingredients that inhibit H-pylori and Candida, whilst soothing and reducing inflammation in your stomach and intestine (e.g. garlic, turmeric and coconut oil).
Laid out in a simple step-by-step way, with photos to show you what the end product should look like.
Free from side effects (modifying your diet to eat natural healthy foods doesn’t cause side effects!)
Proven to work with real people; it is backed up by countless numbers of people who have followed the approach and no longer have symptoms.

Plus, I use these recipes every day to feed myself!

I hope you give this little cookbook a try.



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