H Pylori Secrets DVD (online stream)


The H Pylori Secrets was filmed live as a one-day seminar, and then uploaded onto the Internet to avoid you needing to use a DVD player to watch the content.

Before the seminar, I ran some market research to find out what people really wanted to know about H pylori.

I received over 700 questions!

The H Pylori Secrets Seminar was designed to answer these questions so that you are in absolutely no doubt about what H pylori is, what it does to you and how you can beat it faster and with less wasted time, energy & money.

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Having struggled for about four years at the hands of H pylori, I know just how this tummy bug can play havoc with your health.

I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with H pylori sufferers for more than 8 years now and have acquired a detailed understanding of how it can cause symptoms like stomach pain, heartburn, acid reflux, wind and bloating, depression/anxiety, fatigue, skin problems and may be even cancer and heart disease.

I don’t want anyone to fall foul of H pylori’s insidious effects, or indeed misdiagnosis and poorly managed treatment.

The Online Streaming splits the 1-day H Pylori Secrets Seminar into 4 digestible sessions which makes it easier for you to access the content. Here’s what the session cover:

During Sessions One and Two, I answered the following important questions:

    • What is H pylori exactly?
    • Where does H pylori live in your body (clue – it does not just live the stomach!)
    • How is H pylori transmitted from person to person (it’s critical to know this so that you don’t pass it to your spouses & children)
    • What Symptoms can H pylori cause…(there are lots of symptoms both inside your digestive system and outside that can be caused by H pylori)
    • How can H pylori cause symptoms like fatigue, depression and skin problems such as rosacea and hives?
    • How do doctors treat H pylori?
    • Why don’t medical treatments work all the time?
    • Why do medical treatments sometimes make your symptoms worse?
    • How might H pylori cause stomach and intestinal ulcers in some people?
    • How is H pylori associated with stomach cancer?
    • Can strains of H pylori cause heart disease?
    • What are the main types of testing for H pylori?
    • How accurate are these testing methods?
    • Why doesn’t my doctor know all this?
    • …and MUCH more!

In the Third and Fourth sessions, I covered how to alter your diet to reduce your symptoms and provide exact details on which foods and herbs you can use against H pylori

    • Which foods should you avoid when you have H pylori?
    • Why omitting these foods can often lead to bigger improvements in your symptoms than dealing with the H pylori itself!
    • Are there any common, supermarket foods that can actually help to inhibit H pylori?
    • What is the difference between you inhibiting H pylori and eradicating it?
    • What herbs have been scientifically shown to inhibit or kill H pylori?
    • What is the difference between in vivo and in vitro studies and why is this important for you to understand?
    • What exact protocols and specific products will help you beat H pylori quickly and how do you use them?
    • Can removal of H pylori lead to yeast and fungal overgrowth and what symptoms are associated with this?
    • Which other bacteria & parasites can cause similar symptoms to H pylori and may slow your healing?
    • What are the most effective and accurate lab tests for looking for these parasites and bacteria?
    • How can you know H pylori has been killed?
    • How should you test to see if H pylori has gone?

This footage will change the way you think about H pylori and, indeed, your digestive health forever, whilst providing a bona-fide solution to a great many symptoms, particularly in your gut.




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