How Julie overcame bloating, gas, sleep problems and hypertension

Julie – from Canada – ran a stool test with us because she was experiencing bloating, gas and discomfort in her gallbladder area.

I’ve been Julie for around 6 weeks now and received a great testimonial from her a week or so ago:

“I have been working with Dave Hompes for about 6 weeks now and following his recommendations, both dietary and supplemental, I have had a big improvement in my digestive health, in fact I would say a 75% improvement.”

Cases like this always reinforce to me why I created this business, and why I’m so inspired to do this work and teach other practitioners to do the same.

Let me share you a shortened version of how we’ve helped Julie, whose initial symptoms were:

  • bloating
  • gas
  • pain in the liver and gallbladder area
  • elevated blood pressure
  • elevated blood sugar
  • disturbed sleep

Her stool test results showed:

  • Low levels of “predominant bacteria” or “good bugs”, as you can see below
  • Evidence of H. pylori
  • A very strong +4 yeast and fungal overgrowth
  • An unidentified parasite

Furthermore, Julie wasn’t digesting and absorbing dietary fat at all well.

Julie’s low “good bug” levels:


And her bad bugs – H. pylori, yeast overgrowth and parasite:


When I examined Julie’s food diary, I saw a few things that could be improved, so I recommended some tweaks to the way she was eating to remove stress and strain from her stomach and intestine.

I also recommended a very thorough herbal cleanse to address the bad bugs in her digestive system.

After 3 weeks on the program, Julie noted her digestive symptoms had improved considerably, which pleased us both.

However she’s still getting some tweaks in her gallbladder area, and we’re going to address those over the coming weeks using a specific liver and gallbladder support protocol.

We’re also keeping an eye on her blood sugar level as it’s risen slightly since we started the program.

Julie’s blood sugar levels will drop back down as soon as we address the replacement of blood sugar and insulin-regulating nutrients, which have likely become depleted due to poor gut function.

Remember, when the gut is not working properly, it’s impossible to get nutrients into the body from your food.

Over time, nutrient deficiencies can develop and these can, in turn, begin to cause symptoms (pretty much anywhere in the body!)

Our next stop is to evaluate Julie’s nutritional and hormonal status so we can put together an individualized plan to replace the “good stuff” in her body that’s dropped too low.

I fully expect Julie’s 75% improvement to become 90% or more over the coming weeks.

It’s great to work with Julie because she trusts the process and follows my recommendations to the letter.

My biggest frustration

As I’ve said before, my only frustration is that we’re not helping more people like Julie – it’s a very real frustration because I know we can help change your life.

You have my personal guarantee that should you order a stool test that doesn’t reveal the main reasons you’re experiencing symptoms – whether digestive, energy, sleep, hormone, skin or mood-related – we’ll refund every penny.

In fact, we did just that earlier today because we received a very rare stool test result that showed the all clear for our client!

You have nothing to lose – it’s risk-free.

And don’t forget, it’s all done in the privacy of your own home – you just send of a sample in the packaging provided.

You can arrange, or find out more about a test, here.





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