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How a simple diet change resolved drug-resistant epilepsy…

Astonishingly, epilepsy and other neurological disorders can be triggered by problems emanating from the digestive system. And a brand new case we’ve been working on shows just how this can happen. Based on some simple dietary changes, Dr. James Walker and I have just witnessed the complete remission of epileptic seizures in a two-year old…

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How egg allergy destroyed a family’s health (until they avoided eggs & felt fab again!)

Through 2017, I have been working with a family of four in France. They’re Brits and Irish by trade – a fine mixture of northern European and Celtic stock. However, the family members don’t do very well when they eat certain foods, and this blog post explains how they came to understand their bodies and…

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Some truths about food allergies and sensitivities

Let’s talk about food allergies and food sensitivities because it is a hugely misunderstood topic 🙂 Reader’s summary / goals of this article: Remove your confusion about food allergies and sensitivites Explain different ways your body can react to foods Describe how food “reactions” make you feel unwell and drain your vitality Explain how you…

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Green juice oxalates

Are salads and green juices actually bad for you?

A fairly dramatic title for a blog post, I know, but it’s really important I share this information with you in a way that gets your attention. Everyone knows the general health benefits of salads, green veggies and green juices. But these healthy foods can be disastrous for some people. Recently, I worked with a…

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How 84-year old Darshan skyrocketed his energy level in just FOUR short weeks

Manmeet, the daughter of an 84-year old gentleman named Darshan contacted me with some worrying information about her dad’s energy level. One Sunday afternoon, following a family meal, the family was about to walk back to their car when Darshan said, “I can’t get to the car – I’m sorry – I am too tired…

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Don’t let genetic iron overload creep up on you

My favourite superhero is Robert Downey Jnr’s Ironman / Tony Stark in the Marvel comic book series. But too much iron isn’t such a great thing for humans. You’re about to learn why too much iron can be a very bad thing. Based on events this week I wanted to make sure you’re aware of…

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Testing your genetic mutations

Diseases like Down’s syndrome and cystic fibrosis are true genetic disorders that can’t be altered. More subtle genetic disorders like haemochromatosis (excess iron absorption and storage) are also true genetic disorders that you may not realize you have until much later in life when symptoms develop. With something like haemochromatosis, you can do something about…

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